About us

RBC is a noob business, created in 2017, a combination of years of experience in different marine fields, traditional knowledge acquired during years of navigation through these coasts and our passion for the sea.
Located in Port Marina, in Palamós, counting on a total of 14 boats with the perfect conditions for sailing, 11 of them suitable for those clients without license, making this experience feasible for any client.
RBC objective is to offer the experience of renting a boat to any kind of public to explore beaches, coves and incredible corners of la Costa Brava.
We offer you the enjoyment of the itineraries and routes through this magnificent coast that you will never forget.

The public acts as a guarantor for us. More than half of the families, friends and sea lovers have repeated or recommended our company. The fidelity of our clients is the best poof of the satisfaction of living this experience with us.